5 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

What are the most common problems that you face while cleaning your carpet? There are so many factors in your home that contribute to the dirt and grime that your carpets collect over time. They all are different in nature and need a distinct way of removal. But with good care and maintenance, you can handle and cope with general wear and tear and soiling problems throughout the years. But for that to happen, you need to be sure what common carpet cleaning mistakes you are making and how to avoid them at all costs:

1. Are You Waiting Too Long After The Spill?
Don’t wait too long to clean up a spill. Now this goes without saying because it is common sense. We at times tend to put off cleaning up a spill and in some cases we just don’t get enough time for them at all. This happens when you are entertaining guests at a huge party held for your husband’s promotion. Understand that the speed at which you react to such stains and spills on your expensive carpets makes a significant difference. It also affects how your carpets show up after being cleaned by professionals.

2. Are You Rubbing Your Carpet Too Much?
Whenever you decide to address a major spill or a stubborn spot on your carpet, your first instinct is usually to grab a damp towel and start rubbing the affected area frantically. Don’t do that because rubbing a stain would do nothing but simply push the stains deeper into the fibers of the carpet making it even more difficult to get rid of.

3. Are You Not Vacuuming Your Carpets Before Washing?
Not vacuuming your carpets before the actual wash can be a little problematic. This is especially true for homes and offices that receive heavy foot traffic and are exposed to a lot of grime and loose dirt. If you go about wet cleaning without vacuuming, you will end up washing the fibers again and again as the loose dirt will get dissolved in the detergent and create a thick mess that is hard to clean afterward. So make sure to clean the carpets with a dry vacuum cleaner before you pour down any water on it.

4. Are You Testing Your Carpet Cleaning Products?
This test is especially very important but it is also very simple to perform. Whenever you are using a strong cleaning chemical, make sure to always read the label carefully. Some carpet cleaning products might not be suitable for all your carpets. On the other hand, some DIY carpet cleaning techniques too can be overly harsh. You don’t want to cause any further damage to your carpets; therefore it is better to test the cleaner at a small spot of the carpet before addressing the main stain.

5. Are You Using A Colored Cloth Or Towel To Clean Your Carpet?
Don’t use a colored towel or unclean rag to clean the spilled pasta sauce or red wine. This is because you may end up affecting your carpet’s fibers and its original color due to any bleeding dye from the colored cloth. This simply means double the mess!

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  1. Love this post! Many people don’t realize how the color of their towel (or even using an unclean rag) will affect the outcome.

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