Can Professional Carpet Cleaners eliminate pet odors in carpet?

The answer is Yes!

If you want to know if professional carpet cleaners eliminate pet odors in carpet will get rid of pet smells, you’re not the only one. Many families don’t feel complete without their furry friends, but having a pet isn’t always easy. Many pet owners have trouble keeping their rugs and furniture clean and free of smells.     

Shampooing and steam cleaning carpets on your own are not always impactful at getting rid of pet odors. Sometimes, they can even make the smell worse by reactivating the enzymes in pet waste that cause odors. For good pet odor removal, you need odor neutralizers and the right way for a professional to extract the smell.    

Moreover, incorrect methods for cleaning carpets can make pet odors worse and lead to a musty, mildew smell from a wet carpet backing. Poor cleaning can also leave behind a lot of dust, traces of pollution, cigarette smoke and ash, and other allergens that smell bad.

Why Carpet Cleaners Is Necessary to Eliminate Pet Odors In Carpet

If your furry baby has an accident on your carpet, you might want to try to fix it yourself before calling a pro. But doing more than dabbing the spot with a white cloth while you call to set up a carpet cleaning appointment may do more harm than good.

Many spot removers you can buy at the store can ruin the look and feel of your carpet. Also, they often have chemicals in them that you shouldn’t use around your pets. We understand that store-bought deodorizers might be less harsh than stain removers. But usually, they just cover up smells with strong scents instead of getting rid of them at their source.

So, if your pet has an accident on your carpet, it’s important to get a professional carpet cleaning in NYC. The experts have all the professional tools and cleaning materials to get rid of pet accidents. And they also know how to do it in a way that protects your carpet.

How do professional carpet cleaners remove pet urine and odors from carpets?

As we know, professional carpet cleaners have the knowledge, eliminate pet odor products, and high-powered equipment for deep cleaning.

They usually thoroughly inspect the carpet before beginning the actual cleaning and odor removal process. They look at the fabric, how good it is, and what kind of stains are on it. This helps them figure out what items to use and what method will work best to clean the carpet. If they can’t get rid of the spots or damage, they will usually tell you to get a new carpet.

After the check, the experts start cleaning and removing pet smells. Most of the time, they use safe solutions, stain removers, and other products to get all of the dirt, dust, debris, and spots out of the carpet. In addition to cleaning the top, experts can treat the bottom to get rid of the smell. They can use either steam cleaning (hot water drainage) or dry cleaning, depending on the situation.

Professionals also use odor neutralizers to get rid of bad pet odors. These products work by altering or absorbing the chemicals that generate the smell. They don’t just hide the smell or make other smells to compete with it.

So, to get great results, it’s best to hire a company that will clean your carpet professionally. The experts in this field have a lot of experience with problems like yours and will help you find the best answer.

How can you permanently remove pet odors from the carpet?

Expert cleaners can successfully eliminate pet odors in carpet. They can remove pet stains and dirt, dust, dander, and hairs left by your pet. Professionals use special cleaning goods and methods to get rid of the chemicals that make things smell musty. Your carpet will smell pleasant once all sources have been eliminated. But you must keep your carpet clean, or the smell will come back.

If you have a pet, you need to clean your carpet often and have it cleaned by a professional three or four times a year. To keep loose cat hair and dander at bay, vacuum your carpets at least twice a week. Professional carpet cleaning in NYC is also necessary if you wish to avoid unpleasant pet smells. If your pet pees on the carpet by mistake, have it cleaned as soon as possible by a professional.


To summarise, professional carpet cleaning in NYC is the most effective way to eliminate pet odors in carpet. Even if you try to eliminate odors on your own, you may not be successful. You may potentially aggravate the situation. In comparison, professional cleaners have the necessary knowledge, specialized products, and high-powered gear to perform a thorough cleaning. So, even if you have dogs, you may have a clean carpet with a fresh odor if you employ professionals to do the job and follow their recommendations for regular care.

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