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Cleaning Tips for Candle Wax the Day After Christmas

Candles always look beautiful on your table top. They take away the winter evening blues that you so often complain of ever since you got pregnant. You love their pleasant aromas and colors and they make all your special occasions even more special. Whether it is Christmas Eve or the New Year’s Eve, you want to light more and more of them up.

They are indeed a great addition to your holiday celebrations and make nearly any room in your house look absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately though, a candlelit ambiance lasts a very short time and most of the times you end up regretting going all the way to make the effort. The reason is that the next day all you are left with is waxy residue and mess you don’t know how to get rid of.

This happens especially on Christmas Eve and everyone who has ever had guests over for dinner knows that already. But there has to be something that you can do to do away with wax and bits of it that have fallen across the house? There must be a way to get rid of the mess that those candles created last night, right?

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Let’s find out what:

Freezing The Wax
Put the affected article or item in the freezer. You can pop in there many small objects like a table runner, a glass tumbler, or a coaster to harden the wax.

Allow The Wax To Cool Down
You should wait for the wax to freeze completely and for that you will have to leave the item in the freezer for up to an hour or more. This makes it easier for you to remove the wax and you can also ensure that it doesn’t spread any further.

Chipping Off The Wax
After it has cooled down sufficiently, you can scrape off the wax from the object. You can either use the edge of an old credit card, or the blunt side of a knife or some similar plastic-edged tool. You will notice that the wax is flaking and chipping away as you go. If the surface of the affected object can scratch easily, avoid using a metal knife or any other object that can cause further damage to the item.

Wash Or Clean The Item
Once you have removed the wax from the object it is time to clean it to remove the residue. You can treat your expensive fabrics and rugs with spot lifters and then launder them as you usually would. To clean the hard surfaces you can put a small amount of all-purpose cleaner on them and scrub the affected area using a small, clean toothbrush. So, wasn’t that simple and doable even after a long Christmas Eve dinner?

Moreover, Christmas is coming near day by day. So you have to give more attention towards your carpet, rug, and upholstery because due to parties these items will be dirty. Hire best carpet cleaning company in New York to clean your decorating items without any hesitation. 

Top Methods of Cleaning Pet Stains from the Carpet

This moment has come in every pet lover’s life in New York. They all have had to get “down & dirty” when the matter was of keeping their carpets and rugs clean. This is simply not a matter that should be taken lightly because animal messes and urine can be a health hazard in the long run. When you have babies around the home, it becomes even more essential for you to get rid of this mess rather quickly. Organic carpet cleaning methods are the most preferred in New York City in these cases because everyone wants to protect their family and loved ones from all kinds of irritants, chemicals and potential harm. So, yes choosing a dependable organic carpet cleaning company in NYC will play out well in your favor.

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But what about looking into some carpet cleaning tricks that you can apply quickly without any expert help? You love your puppies and kittens more than anything else and the older your pets get, the more care and diligence is required of you towards them. When these poor animals fall ill or have accidents the thing that gets ruined apart from their appetite and your mood is your beautiful carpets and rugs. This is all the more reason to keep some quick DIYs up your sleeve. Whether it is poo or vomit or urine, the stench is always unbearable. Needless to mention the harm that they cause to your health cannot be ignored under any circumstances.

Act Fast!
The biggest key to removing these stubborn pet stains and odor from your carpets is to treat them right away. Such accidents when left untreated for a long time can lead to permanent discoloration of your pretty and expensive carpets and their fibers become hard and flaky over time. The very first step here is to remove all solid and semisolid deposits from the carpets as quickly as possible. You can use a spoon or a spatula for the purpose or even a dull knife if you want. If you want to soak up urine stains, do it with white paper towels only or preferably an old but clean cotton cloth.

Try Vinegar for a change?
A very effective solution to removing pet stains from your carpets comprises vinegar (most effective for light colored carpets with urine stains). Start by mixing 1 part white vinegar with 1 part water and then apply it liberally to the stained area of the carpet or rug. Make sure that the entire stain is soaked down with the solution and it reaches well into the carpet. In case of severe urination and yellowness you can grab a scrub brush and start making circular motions on the affected area. Work the solution well into the fibers of the carpet. The vinegar neutralizes the urine and works well to eliminate its caustic smell significantly. When you think that the area is completely free of any stains, you can blot it dry with a clean white cloth or some paper towels.

Carpet Cleaning With Peroxide and Soda
Did you know baking soda works like a charm on the stained area? Just make sure that there is a small mound of the baking soda above the center of the stain and the heap covers the entire stained area. Now it is time to mix one teaspoon of your fragrant dish wash detergent with half a cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide. The detergent should not be caustic in any way and you should not pour it over the baking soda directly. Apply this mixture on the heap of the soda and work it all together to combine them onto the carpet. Now using a scrub brush move in circular motions until the entire mix penetrates all the way into it. Before you do this on the entire carpet, you should test this out on a small section of the stained area first. Rinse the affected area well with warm water and blot dry for a cleaner carpet.

Once you are certain that your carpet or rug is thoroughly cleaned of all pet stains the procedure can be concluded by sprinkling or spraying some deodorizer or odor neutralizing powder on the carpet.

5 Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

What are the most common problems that you face while cleaning your carpet? There are so many factors in your home that contribute to the dirt and grime that your carpets collect over time. They all are different in nature and need a distinct way of removal. But with good care and maintenance, you can handle and cope with general wear and tear and soiling problems throughout the years. But for that to happen, you need to be sure what common carpet cleaning mistakes you are making and how to avoid them at all costs:

1. Are You Waiting Too Long After The Spill?
Don’t wait too long to clean up a spill. Now this goes without saying because it is common sense. We at times tend to put off cleaning up a spill and in some cases we just don’t get enough time for them at all. This happens when you are entertaining guests at a huge party held for your husband’s promotion. Understand that the speed at which you react to such stains and spills on your expensive carpets makes a significant difference. It also affects how your carpets show up after being cleaned by professionals.

2. Are You Rubbing Your Carpet Too Much?
Whenever you decide to address a major spill or a stubborn spot on your carpet, your first instinct is usually to grab a damp towel and start rubbing the affected area frantically. Don’t do that because rubbing a stain would do nothing but simply push the stains deeper into the fibers of the carpet making it even more difficult to get rid of.

3. Are You Not Vacuuming Your Carpets Before Washing?
Not vacuuming your carpets before the actual wash can be a little problematic. This is especially true for homes and offices that receive heavy foot traffic and are exposed to a lot of grime and loose dirt. If you go about wet cleaning without vacuuming, you will end up washing the fibers again and again as the loose dirt will get dissolved in the detergent and create a thick mess that is hard to clean afterward. So make sure to clean the carpets with a dry vacuum cleaner before you pour down any water on it.

4. Are You Testing Your Carpet Cleaning Products?
This test is especially very important but it is also very simple to perform. Whenever you are using a strong cleaning chemical, make sure to always read the label carefully. Some carpet cleaning products might not be suitable for all your carpets. On the other hand, some DIY carpet cleaning techniques too can be overly harsh. You don’t want to cause any further damage to your carpets; therefore it is better to test the cleaner at a small spot of the carpet before addressing the main stain.

5. Are You Using A Colored Cloth Or Towel To Clean Your Carpet?
Don’t use a colored towel or unclean rag to clean the spilled pasta sauce or red wine. This is because you may end up affecting your carpet’s fibers and its original color due to any bleeding dye from the colored cloth. This simply means double the mess!

How to Clean Old Stains From Carpeting

You know your carpets well and you know your carpet stains well enough too. These are the old stains that were the result of ancient spills which happened the only god knows when. Do you remember how that fading red spiral got in that corner of your silk carpet? Have you any recollection of how that inky blue stain got there on the surface of your precious wool rug in the first place?

Well, you don’t have to know any of that as long as you are keen on knowing how to remove these age-old stains from your carpeting. Although some professional carpet cleaning New York City companies would suggest that you ignored the stain and go about as if nothing has happened or maybe just sit around and let the mark fade away on its own. But only the reputed firms understand that nothing in this world is permanent. And therefore, it is very much possible for you to remove these stubborn stains that have somehow become a part of your carpet.

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Hydrogen Peroxide
You can get a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide in any pharmaceutical store and in many cases, this may be the solution to your carpet cleaning problem. You can simply pour the hydrogen peroxide solution in a spray bottle and use it to spray on the old stain. You can saturate the stained area if you need to loosen up the stubborn stain particles. Then let it sit for about 10-15 minutes or half hour if the stain is too deep in the fibers of the carpet. Now you can rinse the treated area for best measures and blot dry with a clean white cloth.

Club Soda
This is another very popular and interesting Carpet Cleaning agent. While some carpet cleaning companies in NYC would suggest this method for fresh stains, it may also be very effective in getting rid of carpet stains and dirt that have settled in them over time. You can spray some club soda on the stained area and leave it for about 20 minutes. Now work it deep into the fibers with a brush or better yet, you can steam vacuum it to remove the stain.

Extra Cleaning Tip
Just sprinkle some sea or common salt over the stained area of the carpet after you have applied either club soda or hydrogen peroxide solution. Salt draws out all the excess the moisture and can also help remove the stains and marks along with the club soda or hydrogen peroxide that you have used.

Cleaning Wine Stains from Your Carpet

Get off the carpet now! How awesome it would be if you didn’t have to say any such thing anymore. But my experience tells me that this is far from reality and never is there a day when you haven’t dreaded the worst happening to your beloved carpets. This is true for almost every household in NYC that owns an expensive oriental or Asian carpet and cherishes it the way you do.

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Wines! Carpets! Stains!

Yes, we all are fond of wines. We are in love with them. But we also love our carpets, don’t we? Many residents in New York City are simply terrified about both their objects of affection finding out about each other. I am talking about wine stains. Yes, those red and crimson spots that make your precious carpets look straight out of a Halloween party for kids dressed as zombies.

Cleaning Wine Stains from Your Expensive Carpets

If you happen to spill some of that divine liquid on that precious carpet of yours, the first thing that you should do is don’t even wait for a second! Yes, grab a clean cloth or some paper towels and blot out as much liquid as you can immediately. This is because the quicker you dab and wipe up all the spilled liquid, the lesser the chance of it getting soaked down into the fibers of the carpet. This would prevent the carpet from getting stained permanently. Yes, your carpets can get stained permanently, so act fast!

The next step is to take 2 parts water and mix it with 1 part vinegar. Now stir the solution thoroughly and transfer it into a clean spray bottle. Spurt the stained area and let it sit for a minutes. Now dab the liquid up using a clean white cloth or some paper towels. Continue this process until you notice the spots lighten up.
Now it is time to clean it good. So take a cup of warm water and mix in it a little unscented dish wash detergent. Stir and dribble it on the affected area. Now use a sponge to gently work the solution into the carpet. Now it is time to rinse the carpet with warm clean water. Dab all the excess liquid with clean paper towels and let it dry.

Dry vs. Wet Carpet Cleaning

If you are thinking about hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in NYC for the first time, make sure to hire someone of a strong reputation. It is not just about vacuuming a regular rug that lies in the corner of your pantry. It is about your expensive and darling carpets that you invested in years ago.

A dependable carpet cleaning company in New York would be equipped with a lot to offer in terms of dry and wet cleaning methods and cleaning apparatus. Think about vacuum cleaners and they will have them. Think about carpet steamers or steam cleaners and they would have them as well.

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A regular cleaning session with a reliable and well-maintained appliance keeps your carpets looking pretty and sharp. If you choose a bi-monthly procedure, it would impact the beauty and quality of your carpet in an even better way. But before you pick one of the two choices, understand what they are and how they function in practicality to rid your beautiful carpets and rugs of the stubborn dirt and soil.

Understanding how Vacuum Cleaners function (Dry)

Vacuum cleaners are familiar household systems that use suction to remove all dry dust, dirt, debris, pet hair and any other loose particles. There is no need for water or any cleaners or solutions whatsoever. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, then a regular session would keep your carpets looking fresh and well maintained. This is not a guarantee that you wouldn’t require a professional Carpet Cleaning NYC crew but it is ideal for dry debris and dirt that accumulates on them over time.

Understanding how Carpet Steamers function (Wet)

Today most of the modern day carpet cleaners that we see in the market are steamers. They make use of hot water or pressurized steam along with a preferred liquid cleaning solution (organic or inorganic) to clean the carpet. The attached brushes make rotations to loosen and remove the grime from the rug fibers. The waste water and detergent get extracted into a reservoir on the appliance. These are ideal for homes that have crawling babies or pets that soil the place again and again.

3 Basics of Choosing the Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Cleanliness is not a choice. It has become a necessity in today’s times. Look around you and you will notice pollution and suspended particulate matter and all kinds of allergens making it difficult to live life normally. If you reside in the city of New York, you know very well how hard it is to maintain a home or an office for that matter. One of the most crucial tasks most of us face is carpet cleaning. Understand that choosing the right and a high-quality carpet cleaning service in the New York City would require some research. Lured in by the lowest price? Remember, discounts are not always what they seem.

Living in such a busy city, you must have across numerous carpet cleaning companies who claim to make your carpets, and mats impeccably clean but then a single pat of the hand later makes all of those claims fly off with the dust that still remains clogged in those rugs. Don’t be hasty in making this decision. What all should you be looking for in a Carpet Cleaning NYC services, let’s find out:

1. The Cleaning Process
No matter whether you are an entrepreneur in the city or a homeowner in the suburban area; you will come across several options for carpet cleaning companies. But only you can decide what methods suit your needs the best. Your decision will thus largely depend on the fact if these methods are available with the company in question.

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2. Convenience
It also boils down to the one thing that your premises will have to handle and that is the mess that the whole cleaning process will create. While there are many carpet cleaning companies in the city that claim zero mess or no hassle maintenance at your convenience but only a few actually deliver. It is also because of the method used and therefore before you pick out one company for your home or office do pay attention to whether they offer wet, dry or steam cleaning options.

3. Never Compromise on Safety
Now you must be aware that some cleaning treatments or processes make use of certain strong and powerful cleaning agents and chemicals. Some of them might even involve making vapors of those chemicals to ensure as little a mess as possible and get done with the process in a matter of a few minutes. These might deliver quick results but they are not environmentally friendly. Considering that we want our surroundings to always be clean, going the synthetic or chemical way would defeat the purpose, don’t you think? Therefore, you should also make sure that the cleaning processes rely on the power of steam, or use safe and environmentally friendly cleaning products at all times. You want to choose a carpet cleaning company that keeps the safety and health of your kids and family and that of your office associates and employees on top of everything else.

The Best Strategy to Avoid Ruining Your Carpet

Carpet can last at least 10 years with the proper care. However, there are numerous things that can destroy your Carpet and abbreviate its life expectancy. There is some Carpet Cleaning NYC Tips to expand the life of your Carpet and Rug.

Not Vacuuming Regularly
If vacuuming isn’t one thing that’s on your weekly task list, then it’ll solely be a matter of your time before you ruin your carpet. Dirt can get embedded in your carpet if you are doing not vacuum frequently. This may cause your carpet fibers to fray. You’ll additionally develop permanent dark spots.

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Walking Barefooted On Your Carpet
If you’re like many of us, then you most likely take away your shoes as shortly as you are available your home. However, walking barefooted on your carpet will cause serious harm to that. Carrying shoes during work or play produce a damp atmosphere. The wet from your feet will transfer from your feet end up on your carpet, which may cause odor microorganism to breed. Additionally, the foot creams and lotions that you just could use also are unhealthy for your carpet. the most effective different is to continuously wear house shoes when you are walking on your carpet.

Pets and carpet don’t mix
Since pets are considered a part of the family generally accidents aren’t a serious concern. However, it’s necessary to set boundaries as a result of your pets will ruin your carpet. You should never let your animals go to the toilet on the carpet. Even if your cleanup up once your pets, deeply hidden stains will still ruin your carpet.

Using A Home Steam Cleaner Every Month
Many people suppose that using a steam cleaner monthly is the best way to keep their carpet clean. They will also think that if they use a steam cleaner, then there’s no need for an expert cleaning. However, this can be a sure-fire way to harm your carpet.

Your carpet doesn’t get to be clean each month. Your carpet only needs to be cleaned once or twice a year. Your carpet is probably going to wrinkle if it gets clean an excessive amount. Moreover, using a steam cleaner are often dangerous if you do not know how to properly use it.

Thus, we conclude that Carpet Cleaning is usually done by experts. They apply different techniques for different types of the rug just to give the best. Because of they every situation of your carpet. So, forget all your worries and hire Organic Rug Cleaners experts to give a new life to your Carpet.

Tips To Maintain The Quality of Your Valuable Carpet & Rug

A great, well-cleaned area rug or carpet can be used as a very important item in your home. It can be used as a welcome mat, a cozy spot or as a focal point. They not only enhance the atmosphere and surroundings in your house but additionally, it tells a whole lot about the owner. They can affect the perspective of what folks think about you.

A clean, nicely looked after, a well-maintained area rug can leave a positive impression. Rugs are an investment for most homeowners. Thus, it is always recommended that people should be cautious and knowledgeable when selecting a Quality, Reputable Organic Rug CleanersHiring professionals to do the job will make things easier than you would expect. If you have been finding ways to better take care of your Oriental rug, look at the following useful tips:

Flip the Rug

Numerous Rugs have edges on the end that can become twisted and tangled very easily. It is very important that you avoid combing the fringe to remove these tangles since this can cause damage to the natural fibers of the fringe. Instead, flip the rug or carpet end over end to allow the fringe to straighten out more naturally.
This can be done by grabbing one end of the carpet and walking it over the other end. In addition to this method, you should also shake the rug gently to help deal with the fringe.

Spot Clean

Stains can easily develop if you don’t immediately spot clean a spill once it takes place. Very first, you should dab the stain with a dry cloth to soak up all excess liquid. Do not use cleaning soap, harsh detergents, or other common cleaning products on your carpet and rug, since this can damage the fibers.
Instead, use only water to cleanse the stain. If water doesn’t remove the stain completely, it is best to consult an experienced who specializes in cleaning carpets & rugs to ensure effective and safe removal of the stain.

Block Sunlight

Over time, sunlight can cause the dye in your rug to fade dramatically. To prevent early fading, it is recommended to block sunlight from hitting the rug as often as you can. If this measure is impossible, you should ensure to rotate your rug or carpet as frequently as possible to ensure more uniform fading.

Rotate Regularly

Although some specialists declare that you only need to rotate your rug every one to two years, it is usually best to shoot for rotating every one to two months, if the rug is located in a high traffic area. The process will allow for more evenly distributed wear, which will give your rug or carpet a more uniform look that will assist maintain both appearance and expense.

Professional Washing

Professional Organic Rug Cleaners highly recommend having your rug professionally washed every three to five years to avoid dirt and soil buildup and to fully restore the rug’s natural fibers. With the help of a professional rug cleaner, you can extend the life of the rug and enjoy better comfort and quality throughout your use. In the New York City tri-state area, you can find Carpet Cleaning NYC who specializes in Oriental rug care and cleaning.

Protect your family from harmful Bacteria by using Organic Carpet Cleaning Products

We all know that carpet is the finest interior decor item made up of very sensitive fabric materials like pure silk, wool, and pure cotton. So it requires special attention while cleaning. If we wash carpet at home then it is sure that we will make them ruined as they will lose their color and fabric quality because the detergent and the equipment is needed for its cleaned is normally available at professional Carpet Cleaning NYC. So if you want to give our home or office rug clean and expect a beautiful smile from them, then we should give them in experts hands for cleaning and drying purposes. Pets are always important to all animal lovers especially kids and women. If we talk about those pets, which we bring to our home to have fun and play with them and keep them as our security guards, these pets become our family members and we treat them as a part of our life.

Carpet Cleaning NYC

Here, we never put any limitation to them to enter to our rooms or to walk or sit on our carpets or rugs, as we said we take care of them as our family members so we let them move freely in our house. But when they commit some silly mistakes, as they make carpets wet with urine or excrete, then the situation goes worst. In that case, the whole conditions of the house get affected with bad odor and infection. This is very harmful to small kids because they are caught by allergies quickly and even the elder ones and the patients who live in that house become unable to spend even a single minute in that house. Thus, when this kind of situation occurs in your house then only an expert pet stain removal service in NYC can make you able to get rid of this bad odor and pet stains.

The professional Organic Rug Cleaners daily handle these types of situations and they know how to deal with the stain on the carpet and the rug so that without damaging the fabric, it could be removed and a fresh scented odor could come out of the carpet to make you feel fresh and cozy to walk on it. Pet stains are filled with bacteria and germs which lead to harmful viruses and make us sick. Here, only a high-grade disinfectant and an expert carpet cleaning NYC can perform better, as the carpet and the rug fabric are very fragile and vulnerable. The expert Organic Rug Cleaners in New York always focus on organic natural solutions and use modern technology devices to remove pet stains and to give you a new life to your carpet.

So if you love your pets as well as your carpets and rugs then do not allow the stain and odor to take place around the carpet. Give a refreshing feel to your home and pets by taking professional carpet cleaning NYC Organic cleaning services.