Dry vs. Wet Carpet Cleaning

If you are thinking about hiring a professional carpet cleaning company in NYC for the first time, make sure to hire someone of a strong reputation. It is not just about vacuuming a regular rug that lies in the corner of your pantry. It is about your expensive and darling carpets that you invested in years ago.

A dependable carpet cleaning company in New York would be equipped with a lot to offer in terms of dry and wet cleaning methods and cleaning apparatus. Think about vacuum cleaners and they will have them. Think about carpet steamers or steam cleaners and they would have them as well.

Dry vs Wet Carpet Cleaning

A regular cleaning session with a reliable and well-maintained appliance keeps your carpets looking pretty and sharp. If you choose a bi-monthly procedure, it would impact the beauty and quality of your carpet in an even better way. But before you pick one of the two choices, understand what they are and how they function in practicality to rid your beautiful carpets and rugs of the stubborn dirt and soil.

Understanding how Vacuum Cleaners function (Dry)

Vacuum cleaners are familiar household systems that use suction to remove all dry dust, dirt, debris, pet hair and any other loose particles. There is no need for water or any cleaners or solutions whatsoever. If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, then a regular session would keep your carpets looking fresh and well maintained. This is not a guarantee that you wouldn’t require a professional Carpet Cleaning NYC crew but it is ideal for dry debris and dirt that accumulates on them over time.

Understanding how Carpet Steamers function (Wet)

Today most of the modern day carpet cleaners that we see in the market are steamers. They make use of hot water or pressurized steam along with a preferred liquid cleaning solution (organic or inorganic) to clean the carpet. The attached brushes make rotations to loosen and remove the grime from the rug fibers. The waste water and detergent get extracted into a reservoir on the appliance. These are ideal for homes that have crawling babies or pets that soil the place again and again.

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